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Creating a Fortran console application that calls a C program with an external library (X11.lib) using Intel Fortran 10.1, with Visual Studio 2008

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7.    Under Fortran->Preprocessor

a.       Preprocess Source File:


creating fortran 7

8.      Under Fortran->Diagnostics

a.       Generate Interface Blocks:


b.      Check Routine Interfaces:


create fortran image 8

9.      Under Fortran->Data

a.       Local Variable Storage (not completely sure this is needed)

All Variables Save (/Qsave)

creating fortran image 10

10.      Under Fortran->External Procedures

a.       Calling Convention (not completely sure this is needed)


b.      String Length Argument Passing (not completely sure this is needed)

After Individual String Argument (/iface:mixed_str_len_arg)

creating fortran image 10

11.      Under Fortran->Run-time

a.       Check Array and String Bounds


creating fortran image 11

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