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Creating a Fortran console application that calls a C program with an external library (X11.lib) using Intel Fortran 10.1, with Visual Studio 2008

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12.      You need to specify the X11 library directory.  Under Linker->General

a.  Additional Library Directories

C:\Program Files\LANL\MCNP5\Source\X11R6\lib

(This may be different for your setup.   Verify the file is there.)

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13.      Under Linker->Input

a.  Additional Dependencies


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14.  Under Linker->System

a.       Heap Reserve Size


b.      Stack Reserve Size


c.       Enable Large Addresses

Support Addresses Larger than 2 CB (/LARGEADDRESSAWARE)

15.      Click Apply, then OK.

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16.      Create the C project.

a.  File-> new-> project Visual C++->MFC->MFC DLL

(may be able to user a different project type, this is what I use.  The goal is to create a static C library)

b.  Set Name: to


c.  Set Solution: to

Add to Solution

d.  Select OK, then Finish

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