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Installing Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Fortran to work together

Installing VS2008 and Intel 10.1 on Windows Vista

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6)  Click Finish.

step 6

7)  Click Exit

step 7

8)  Verify that Visual Studio is installed.

step 8

9)       Open up Visual Studio 2008

     a.       Select File->New->Project

     b.      Notice Intel is not one of the available projects

     c.       Select Cancel to Exit.

     d.      Exit out of VS 2008

step 9

10)  If you have downloaded the Evaluation from the Intel website ( Use Windows explorer to find the file and double click on it to activate it.  My download was called: w_fc_p_10.1.021_ia32, click Next to use the default directory.  Alternatively, if you have a CD, load Intel Fortran from the CD.

step 10

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